Prizes and awards

The following awards will be presented at the 48th Annual Psychology and the Brain Conference:

The Division of Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology announces for the 24th time an annual publication award, which honors work from all areas of biological psychology and neuropsychology. The papers should have been published by young scientists in an international peer-reviewed journal and represent a contribution of outstanding importance to our field. The award certificate, which comes with a gratuity (€ 1500.-), will be awarded personally during the 48th symposium "Psychologie und Gehirn 2023", which will take place in Tübingen from June 8 to 10, 2023.
All biological psychologists and neuropsychologists below professor level from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who are members of our professional group or who will become members in the course of the application are eligible to apply. Applications from colleagues who have just completed their master's or doctoral thesis are particularly welcome.
Applications should include the following:

  • the original publication
  • the curriculum vitae
  • a proof of membership or application for membership in the professional group
  • Optionally, a brief cover letter explaining the significance of the findings in the context of the state of the research

Papers that have been accepted for publication but not yet published are also eligible if submitted with the acceptance letter. In the case of papers with multiple authors, the award committee assumes that the first author made the primary contributions and is therefore the person nominated for the award. Any deviations from this should be outlined in the cover letter. Further Information on the DGPs Biopsychology Research Award can be found here. 

Please send applications by 08 May 2023 to:

Prof. Dr. Jan Born,
Inst. für Med. Psychologie und Verhaltensneurobiologie
Universität Tübingen,
Otfried-Müller-Straße 25, 72076 Tübingen

The award is presented by the DGPA. Further information can be found here.

More information about the Brain Products Young Scientist Award can be found here.

The Interest Group for Open and Reproducible Science in the Biological Psychology Section of the German Psychological Society (IGOR) will award the annual Open and Reproducible Science Prize 2023. Contributions presented at the Psychology and Brain 2023 that exemplify using open and reproducible science practices or that present meta-science on open and reproducible science topics are eligible. Poster and symposium presentations, which are submitted for presentation at the Psychology and Brain 2023 can also be submitted for consideration of receiving the prize via the submission form during abstract submission. The abstract should include statements about the open and reproducible science aspects of the published or unpublished work (this includes but is not limited to preregistration, open data and material, reproducible analyses as well as meta-science work), and a short statement regarding the relevance of the submitted project for open and reproducible science should be provided (100 words). The jury will use this information to select the most promising contributions. Two jury members will attend each short-listed presentation and score it for different aspects related to furthering openness and reproducibility. The contribution deemed most in line with the goals of IGOR will be awarded a certificate and a cash prize of 500 € at Psychology and Brain 2023.

There are a total of three science communication promotion prizes offered by the DGPs and the GDPA, sponsored this year by NIRx. The awards are open to existing and new young members of bioDGPs or DGPA and are endowed with 500 euros each. We welcome applications for either of the following two funding lines:

 Funding line 1: for excellence in science communication already achieved.

 Funding line 2: for concepts to promote science communication for one year.


Further submission details can be found here. Submissions will be accepted until April 14, 2023 via email to


 The winners will be selected by an independent jury consisting of six experts in

 science communication:

 - Jens Foell: Founder of the Twitter channel @realsci_DE, member of the maiLab team

 - Jan Crusius: main editor of the In-Mind magazine

 - Christine Blume: sleep researcher, science communicator & WissKomm trainer, 2022 award winner

 - Jasmina Neudecker: Moderator of Terra Xplore

 - Ulrich Grünewald: Author at the WDR science editorial office Quarks

 - Christiane Attig: Psychologist, science podcaster and WissKomm trainer

As part of the promotion of young scientists, the Division of Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology and the German Society for Psychophysiology and its Application will award three poster prizes each, which will be presented at the social evening. Please do not forget to confirm your young scientist status when submitting your poster contribution!

The Posterblitz Symposium of the JuWis offers a stage for young members. Here, innovative research projects of you young scientists are presented to a broad and professional audience. Specifically, the symposium consists of ten five-minute short presentations, each followed by three minutes of questions.

You can apply for participation in the Posterblitz when submitting your poster. In order not to be influenced by the reported results, we ask you to write a result-blind abstract for the poster blitz. Among your submissions, a jury consisting of young members of the DGPA and the DGPs Division of Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology will select the best ten abstracts. We will inform you early about the selection. Our evaluation criteria are: clarity of presentation, study design, theoretical derivation of hypotheses, and inclusion of methods of open and reproducible research. We are looking forward to your exciting abstracts!

As in previous years, the Young Scientists Award is offered by the DGPA and the Division of Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology of the DGPs. The prize is awarded on the basis of a survey on supervision during the doctoral studies. The aim of this survey is to honor excellent supervision.

Who can participate?

All persons who are currently pursuing a doctorate (supervising relationship of at least 6 months) or have completed the doctorate within the last 24 months can participate in the survey. For a valid nomination, at least two independent evaluations must have been received for a supervising person.

In order to complete the survey, the nominee must be provided with the Privacy Policy Information. This document is linked for you in the survey. Please forward the document to your nominated supervisor. A signature or other written confirmation is NOT necessary - it is sufficient to present the document.

The survey will be conducted online, the link to the survey will appear here in the coming weeks and will be distributed via mail.

All the data we collect as part of the survey is analyzed anonymously. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Leibniz Institute of Psychology (ZPID), which is responsible for data processing again this year. They provide the survey via the Unipark platform and take care of the evaluation for us. We are only provided with the contact data of the nominated persons in the first three places and anonymized item-level data aggregated over all participants. An assignment of the evaluating person from this data is not possible for us.

If you have any questions about the prize or the survey, you can contact Angelika Dierolf (